# Platform usage

The movisensXS platform (opens new window) gives each user the possibility to take different actions. However, if one is an admin within their organization, there are more actions to take. Thus, we difference between users with and users without admin rights.

We recommend to use the movisensXS platform (opens new window) with the latest Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox version on a desktop device.

# Studies

[X] User with admin rights

[X] User without admin rights

When you login or when you click on the studies tab, the page you will see is a list of the studies your user has access to. By clicking on one of the studies, you directly get to the studies dashboard.

# Dashboard

The dashboard of the study you chose will show you the ideal order to use movisensXS.


# Forms

On this page you can access the forms of a study. If you have writing rights, you can change the forms here (see chapter Forms (opens new window)). If you have only reading access, you cannot change those forms.


# Sampling

Here the sampling of the study can be found and changed (see chapter Sampling (opens new window)). If you have only reading access, you cannot change the sampling.


# Participants

The participants of the study can be administrated here.

You can add participants by clicking the "Add Participant"-button.

If some participants should take part in the study in a specific time range, you can add a start date and an end date, so that the participant will automatically have acces at the the given time.

In order to couple a participant, click on the QR-code icon and let the participant scan the QR-code with their movisensXS-App. If the participant is not nearby, you can also click on the link provided below the QR-code and send that link to the participant.

If the participant has uploaded results, you can download the results of only that one participant by clicking on the download-icon in the column "Download Results" and select the format you want.

Delete a participant by clicking on the trash bin icon to the right of the participant that should be deleted, type the confirmation message into the dialog that's popping up afterwards and click on the "delete"-button.


# Results

Here some statistics of the study are shown and also all results of a study can be downloaded here. You can choose between different formats, depending on the data that is uploaded.


# Configuration

The tab with a screwdriver is the configuration tab for the specific study. You can change the study's name and also the library version, but we recommend to only do so when our support tells you to.

Additionally you can type your informed consent in the textfield and choose, if the participant should only read it or also if they should sign it iwht their signature.


# Administration

[X] User with admin rights

[] User without admin rights

# Access

The access-tab makes it possible for users with admin rights to manage the users of your organization.

You can add a new user by clicking the "Add new User"-button, typing in the e-mail-address and name of the new user, and clicking "save changes". The user is only finally registered, if they used their link in the e-mail they receive with this invitation.

All users can be given or taken admin-rights as well as reading or writing access to all the different studies within your organization. In order to give a user writing/reading or no access, click on the icon beneath the study they should have access to in the row of the user that should have the access. The pen-icon means, they have writing access, the eye-icon means they have reading only access and the lock-icon means that the user cannot access the study.

Delete a user by clicking on the trash bin icon to the right of the participant that should be deleted, type the confirmation message into the dialog that's popping up afterwards and click on the "delete"-button.


# Billing

You can see the bills of the organization in the billing-tab. You can also reach the different products and choose a new bundle by clicking on the "Buy new credits"-button.

It is also explained what is included in the credits and how much it costs.


# Organization

The organization-tab lets you change the name of your organization. If you want you can also include the address, but that is not neccessary. If you decide to include the address, please beware that there can only be 255 characters saved, else you'll run into an error.

In case you already signed a DPA, you are not able to change the name of the organization. When that is the case, movisensXS shows you a message that tells you the next steps in order to change the name.


# Data Processing

On this page you can sign a Data Processing Agreement (GDPR) and see and download the ones that have been signed before. To sign a DPA, your full name, telephone number and e-mail-address is needed. The rest of the information is automatically included through your account. Your can also preview the DPA with the viewer on the right of the page. At last, choose the contract language and click on "Accept Data Processing Agreement".


# My Account

[X] User with admin rights

[X] User without admin rights

# Personal Data

You can change your name and e-mail in case you didn't sign a DPA with your account yet.

In case you signed a DPA already, you'll need to contact the movisens-support. Keep in mind to sign a new DPA after you let your data changed.


# Change Password

To change the password to your personal account, just insert the same password in both text fields and click "Change Password". You'll get feedback by a little notification in the upper right corner of your browser that will be saying if the change was successfull or needs to be repeated.


# Mail Notification

Here you can opt-out to receive a mail notification if the participant writes a message.


# Help

[X] User with admin rights

[X] User without admin rights

Clicking on the help button will redirect you to our movisens Docs (opens new window).

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