# Support instructions for DataAnalyzer

# General instructions

  1. Please make sure your issue is not covered in the Frequently asked questions

  2. Please make sure to use the latest version of DataAnalyzer (opens new window). Possibly your problem already has been solved.

  3. Various error cases are possible with DataAnalyzer, which must be handled differently. Below specific problems are listed.

# Specific Problems

# DataAnalyzer cannot be installed

  • Make sure you have administration rights on your PC.

  • If you have any virus scanners other than Microsoft Defender installed, please check if the problem still occurs when you disable the virus scanner.

  • Please check if your IT department has set any special restrictions for installing software (e.g. via Group Policy Objects GPO).

If it is still not possible to install the software, please contact our support team. In your email, kindly provide the following information:

  • The version of DataAnalyzer you are attempting to install.
  • The operating system currently in use.
  • The active antivirus scanners (navigate to Control Panel -> Programs and Features).
  • Is this PC managed in a Windows domain? Are Group Policy Objects (GPO) active, potentially restricting access to specific directories? (Please consult the administrator for this information).

# Cannot install my License

If you still have problems installing the license, please contact our support team. Please include the request code.

# License does not work as expected

If you believe your license does not work as expected (e.g. output parameters are missing), please contact our support team. Please include the request code.

# DataAnalyzer cannot analyze Data

  • Make sure you have write permission in the directory that will contain the analzed measurement, usually this is the directory that also contains the source measurement you want to analyze.

  • If you are analyzing data on a network drive or on cloud sotrage folder, please check if the problem persists when you analyze the same data on your local PC (e.g. try C:\temp).

If it is still not possible to analyze data, please contact our support team. Please also send an error report. Don’t forget to include your e-mail address when submitting the error report so that our support team can contact you.

# DataAnalyzer results are other than expected

  • Make sure all parameters are set correctly (age, weight, ...).

  • If you use a customConfig file, make sure it is correct and suitable for your specific application.

If above measures do not help, please contact our support team.

# DataAnalyzer stopped with an error report

  • When DataAnalyzer stops working and shows an error report, please enter your e-mail address and add a meaningful/expressive description of what you did and the problem that occurred and send the report. If you want to provide additional information (e.g. screenshots) please send it to the support team. Then the movisens support team will contact you soon. If you have problems sending the error report, please contact the support team directly.

# Sending Measurement data

  • Please only send example measurement data, when we request it.

  • Make sure you remove directly identifying data from the measurement, i.e. data is anonymized from movisens' perspective.

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