# Support

If you experience a problem, please check the following points first:

  • Did you create a form with at least one item and a sampling containing at least three sampling blocks?
  • Did you include a form block and specified the form that should be triggered?
  • Please open all sampling blocks and check if you configured everything correctly.
  • Please check that all visibility rules of all items of all forms do not show an error

If you still experience problems, please write us an email to xs@movisens.com. Please let us know the E-Mail-address of your movisensXS user account and the study you are having problems with. Please describe as accurately as possible how you came to this error.

To find the problem it is best if you grant the movisensXS Support read access to the study you're having problems with. Go to Administration (opens new window) and click on the icon in the table until movisensXS Support has the eye icon on your study.

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