Compatible Devices

We recommend that before buying a large quantity of devices, you buy one device of the intended type beforehand and test it with movisensXS.

There are a few minimum requirements for the Smartphone:

  • Operating System: Android 4 or higher
    Other operating systems are currently not supported. Experience Sampling has lots of requirements and building a solid solution for multiple operating systems is very difficult. The iPhone is also too restricted for research purposes. We focus on Android because cheap smartphones are available. Android is also open source and it is sustainable.
  • Minimum 1GB Memory
  • Minimum 1GB internal storage free. The study configuration and the study results are stored in the internal data storage. If multimedia items are used please buy a smartphone with 16GB internal storage
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon highly recommended with 600 MHz or higher (recommended)
  • Battery: 1200 mAh or higher (recommended to achieve a longer battery life)
  • A larger display size makes it easier to input text but consumes more power and are not as handy for everyday use. 5" are optimal.
  • If you need to transfer the results during the study to monitor compliance, choose a device with 3G mobile connectivity. Please test the data usage and disable all automatic updates. If possible choose a mobile data flat rate.


MediaTek Processors are highly inaccurate in triggering alarms. These processors are not recommended!

Recommended android devices because of the good value/price:

Brand Model Application
Nokia Nokia 2 or Nokia 2.1
(Nokia 3 and Nokia 3.1 are inaccurate, because of MediaTek processor) Cheap device, a bit slow but acceptable
Nokia Nokia 5 or Nokia 6 or Nokia 6.1
(Nokia 5.1 is inaccurate, because of MediaTek processor) Good performance and value
Motorola moto g⁵ˢ Good performance and value
Google Google Pixel 2 Expensive, but with most recent hard- and Android software with updates

A full list of untested, but most likely compatible devices can be found on GSMarena.

Alarm / Trigger Issues

All the apps that are running in background on a smartphone can be stopped by the system when the android system needs more resources. We do everything to prevent this, but some smartphone manufacturers still stop background apps.

It is suspected that this may be the case when the app stops running while is not being displayed, without warning any error message or anything.

General Checklist

  • Please check, if the smartphone is compatible (see above).
  • If the data transfer does not work as expected, reboot the smartphone, synchronize the movisensXS again and check that mobile data transfer and WiFi is enabled
  • Are automatic updates of movisensXS disabled
  • Security App may cause problems because they may close the movisensXS app
  • Check, that the movisensXS icon is always displayed on the Smartphones Status Bar on the top left. If not, there may be a power saving mode or some other apps stopping movisensXS. Please follow the actions below, based on the OS version and device brand:

OS version

Android 6

Preferences > Apps > Advanced > Ignore optimizations > Allowed > All apps > movisensXS > Allow.

Android 7

Preferences > Apps > Configure apps > (Advanced) Special access > Battery optimisation > All apps > movisensXS > Not optimised.

Device Brand


Xiaomi smartphones are provided with some battery savour protection. Here is how to disable it:

  1. Open Settings and go to Additional Settings.
  2. In Battery and performance, you'll find Manage battery use of applications.
  3. In this page you should select the Off option instead of the default Normal option.

Alternative instructions (copied from

  1. Pull the toggle bar, hold the GPS to reach GPS Settings > Enable "Allow background location"
  2. Return to GPS settings > Background location access > Allow the App by selecting it

Also do this,

Settings>Additional Settings>Battery>Manage app battery usage, now disable/turn off the following options.

  • Manage app battery usage
  • Restrict apps when battery is low
  • Then reboot the device and check.

Also check this:

Security App>Data Usage>Data Usage Stats, select the apps and check whether "Background data" is allowed or not.

If you are using a Xiaomi Mi5, you can do further configuration:

Security > Battery > Battery saving > movisensXS > Without Restrictions > Background location > Allow


Huawei smartphones are provided with some protection to ensure that the battery will last long time. This protections must be disabled to let the apps continue running while in background mode.

To let movisensXS execute in background while recording tracks just follow this steps:

  1. Open the "phone manager" app
  2. set the "power saving" in "normal"
  3. Go to " protected apps" and choose "movisensXS" and "Google Play Services" as protected

you can see the power manager app in this video:


Open settings > battery > power saving mode > battery optimization > movisensXS > don't optimize > save


Access Battery settings > App Power Saving > Details > movisensXS > Disabled


Open "Phone assist" app > "Power saver" > Disable Eco mode and disable "Automatically activate Survivor mode when battery is low".


Check for additional settings relating to protecting running packages in Settings -> Battery -> Others -> Select application -> untick Freez background apps, and auto optimize when abnormal behaviour detected.


Check for additional settings that blocks background activities in Settings -> Power management -> Auto-start Manager -> turn checkbox ON for movisensXS to allow background activities.

Known Device Issues

The following issues are known and can currently not be fixed:

  • Huawei Ideos X3: The "Play Audio" item does not work properly. The screen get locket by the phone.
  • LG D160: The "Play Audio" item does not work properly. The media playback controls do not get removed from the screen.
  • HTC One V: The "Record Video" item does not work properly. The video can be recorded, but cannot be played back on the device.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab with Android Version 4.4.2: If the personal messages windows is not fully loaded and the back button is pressed, the app crashes and restarts.
Last Updated: 4/9/2019, 9:21:23 AM