# Support for Sensor Failure

Please follow this step by step guide if you want to report a sensor failure to us. This facilitates and speeds up error diagnostics.

# Error description

Please copy the following table into a mail and fill in:

Information Please fill in
Sensor Type? [_______________________] (see back of the sensor)
Serial Number? [_______________________] (see back of the sensor)
Firmware Version? [_______________________] (shown in SensorManager)
Failure Type? [ ] Sensor cannot be found by SensorManager
[ ] Measurement stopped prematurely
[ ] Sensor data can not be readout to PC
[ ] other
Start Date/Time of measurement?
Bluetooth used? [ ] yes
[ ] no
Error desription and measurement context?
(Please be as accurate as possible)

# Log Files

Please find and send us the log files that are created by the movisens SensorManager.

  1. These logs are generated on the PC that the sensor is connected to with SensorManager running.
  2. To access the logs directory, enter %temp%\movisens in the Windows Explorer address line; for SensorManager version 1.15.0 or newer enter %homepath%\movisens\log.
  3. There are two files we require - *_SensorManager.log and *_sensor_log_*.txt.
  4. Zip the files and email them to us together with the error description!

# Screenshot of Measurement opened in UnisensViewer

Please take a screenshot with the UnisensViewer:

  1. Open the data set with the UnisensViewer
  2. Make shure that the signal stateOfCharge.bin is visible.
  3. Please scale the X-axis first with the button:
    Scale X Axis
  4. Scale the Y-axis with the button:
    Scale Y Axis
  5. Please choose a file name for the screenshots that clearly identifies them (e.g. serial number and start date/time).

Based on this information we can decide if it is necessary to send the sensors to us for further examination.

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