# Sleep

# Sleep/Wake/Non-Wear Detection (NonWearSleepWake):

The algorithm for sleep/wake detection uses acceleration data. It also can distinguish sleep from NonWearTime. The parameter can be calculated for an adjustable output interval. Internally the calculation occurs based on 30 s intervals.

The following table displays the relevant coding:

State Coding
Wake 0
Sleep 1
Not worn 2

# Lights out detection (LightsOut)

Using the sleep/wake detection in conjunction with the illumination allows the detection of the intention to go to sleep. This parameter displays when the participant turns the lights off to retire for the day in an adjustable output interval. For the calculation of this parameter, the ambient light signal of the LightMove 3 or LightMove 4 Sensor is required.

Light Detection Coding
Lights On 0
Lights Out 1

# PDF Report

The following report is available. PDF reports can be used as incentives for participants.

Report Type Description Aligned at full days
ReportSleepPdf PDF Detailed report with plots of sleep/wake and lying position no
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