# Basic Algorithms and Export Functions

This chapter contains some basic algorithms and export functions.

# Mean Temperature (TempMean)

This calculates the mean value of the sensor temperature per output interval. When the sensor is worn the sensor temperature is substantially determined by the body temperature and the ambient temperature. The unit is [°C]. Each of the movisens sensors captures the relevant temperature data during each recording.

movisensLIVE: TempMean can be calculated live on the sensor.

# List of inter beat intervals as text file

This generates the text file ‘ReportIbi.txt’ that contains all RR intervals (time between the current and last R peak). Each line of the text file shows one value as output. The unit is [ms].

# EDA text file export (ReportEdaText)

This generates the text file ‘Eda.txt’ that contains the time series of the raw eda signal. The values are comma separated. The unit is [uS].

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