# Ambient light

The following algorithms are based on 5 channel ambient light signals that can be acquried by the movisens sensors LightMove 3 or LightMove 4.

# Illuminance (Illuminance)

This parameter calculates the level of ambient light in an adjustable output interval. The unit is [lux].

# Color temperature (ColorTemperature)

This parameter calculates the color temperature in an adjustable output interval. The algorithm outputs the value -1 if the color temperature is not calculable (darkness). The unit is [K].

# Light Situation detection (LightSituation)

It’s possible to estimate the current light situation based on a multichannel ambient light sensor. This parameter describes the type of light captured by the sensor in an adjustable output interval. The following table displays the relevant coding:

Light Situation Coding
Darkness 0
Incandescent Light 1
Daylight/Sunlight 2
Daylight/Cloudy 3
Fluorescent 4
Daylight Lamp 6
Mixed Light 7
Unknown 99
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